Longer Hours? More Space? More Talk-Free Space? #YourLibrary has it covered.

From Monday 12th March until the end of May, Kimberlin 00:11 Lecture Theatre will be a ‘Pop Up Library’ 24/7 Silent Revision Room

From 3rd April Eric Wood Learning Zone will be open 24/7 until mid May to help with completing those end of term submissions and revision

From 3rd April we’ll be opening additional ‘Pop Up Library’ Revision Rooms on the Second Floor of Eric Wood Building

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First Floor – what’s going on?

First Floor – what’s going on?


“What’s going on?”

Users of Kimberlin Library can’t fail to have noticed that LLS staff have been beavering away moving books. A LOT of books. ALL of them in fact.

Following an extensive stock review and ‘refresh’ exercise during the summer months, we have moved every single book in Kimberlin Library. That’s over a quarter of a million books.

But why?

We’re making space: space that we will be using to create additional study spaces for you. We’re currently working with the university’s Estates and Procurement departments on a project that will come to fruition early in the Spring term.

We’ll keep you posted here as these plans start to develop so that you can see what’s in the pipeline. In the meantime, we’ve finished book moving today (24th November 2017) and we’re in the process of removing redundant shelving. As these clear away, you’ll get a good sense of the space that we’re releasing for new study seats.

2018 is going to give you lots more reasons to #LoveDMU

Dismantling of redundant shelving has begun
The freed up areas are spread across the First Floor


How busy is Kimberlin Library? Plan your study time

How busy is Kimberlin Library? Plan your study time


We talked earlier this week about how busy the library was. Here’s an illustration of Kimberlin Library’s occupancy over the last few days – you’ll see why we’ve been recommending an early start to your study day if you can to secure your favourite spot.

See our previous blog post for advice about support and other spaces available for study on campus.


Find your space

Find your space

Learning Zone

We know how busy it gets in library spaces at this time of year when everyone is working on final assignments and revising for exams. We’ve extra measures in place to support you and with some thought and planning we can help you find the study space you need:

Kimberlin Library is 24/7 and visitor access is presently suspended so that DMU students, staff and registered members have priority in finding study space. With support from Estates, we have additional cleaning staff working overnight and at weekends to keep the Library looking shipshape.

The library gets starts to get busy from mid-morning and reaches peak occupancy by lunchtime. At this time of year, that continues through the afternoon, so if you can plan your day to start studying earlier you’ve a better chance of securing your favourite spot.

Labs in Gateway House and the Vijay Patel Building have extended opening hours until midnight on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends, so there are more places across campus to work. Teaching rooms, e.g. Hugh Aston, are available to use for study and revision now that much of undergraduate teaching has finished for this academic year.

Kimberlin Library has 72 laptops which can be borrowed for up to 2 hours use anywhere on campus. We’ve lots of wipe-boards to help with revision and pens are available from reception.

We’ve our new ‘Temporary Access Card’ kiosk in Kimberlin Library if you forget your ID, but you’ll need your ID card to access other library spaces. The Greenhouse and Eric Wood Learning Zone are open full hours until the end of May, including Bank Holidays.

We have sixty additional “Pop-Up Library” Silent Study spaces in 00:11 on the Lower Ground as well as our usual Silent Study and Silent IT rooms on the Second Floor of Kimberlin Library. The Learning Development Zone in Kimberlin Library has temporarily been re-designated as a “Quiet Revision” room.

Please be considerate of others. Taking a break is sensible, but if you are going for more than 20 minutes, please clear your desk so that others can make use of the space. PCs automatically log out after 30 minutes and other users can claim the PC. Please be mindful of ‘Quiet Study’ and keep conversations low and brief. In Silent Study rooms there should be no talking. Our “text alert” service can summon staff assistance if your polite reminder to peers does not have the desired effect. If you want real isolation from disturbance, ear buds are available from reception.

Please avoid using PCs and laptops just for social media or entertainment whilst demand is so high for study space.

If you’re studying for long periods, you might find one of our new loanable blankets useful in keeping you warm and snug. You’ll find them in a basket at reception, help yourself.

Our six individual study rooms are in use for examinations throughout May, but advance bookings for syndicate rooms can be made online via the link on our web page at

The Library Café is open until 9pm, the Riverside Café is open until 10pm if you fancy a breath of fresh air and vending machines are available overnight.

Staff are here to help and we’ll do what we can to get you through. Assignment drop-ins run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2pm until 3pm; and Tuesday and Thursday 5-6pm  (term time) in the Learning Development Zone of the Kimberlin Library. Your subject librarian can provide 1:1 support or drop-in help at our weekly pop-up library events. Maths drop-ins run daily 12.30 – 2.30 (Monday – Friday) and up to 4.30pm on Wednesdays.

Don’t forget our wealth of online guides, including support for dissertation and our ‘Focus-On’ series which includes examination and time management advice.

LZ students with laptop

“Temporary Access Card Kiosk” – New Service

“Temporary Access Card Kiosk” – New Service

tempcard kiosk2

Forgotten your DMU ID card? No problem! We listened to your feedback and have developed a new solution for accessing Kimberlin Library when this happens.

Although it’s a university requirement to carry your DMU ID card at all times, we know that sometimes it’s possible to forget. In the past we had a means of signing in during “staffed” service hours by showing alternative ID. Our new kiosk is available 24/7 to print a Kimberlin Library Temporary Access Card. Log into the kiosk using your single sign-on credentials, accept the terms and a card is printed out.

  • Cards are valid until midnight on the day of issue and up to five cards can be issued during an academic year

  • This service is only available to fully registered DMU students and staff

  • Cards are non-transferable and can only be used to gain access to, and egress from, Kimberlin Library

  • University and Library Regulations apply to the use of this card

Your feedback helps us to give you a better service – #WeListen. Please keep your ideas and feedback coming


tempcard at gates

Blanket loans – study cosy in Kimberlin!

Blanket loans – study cosy in Kimberlin!




Borrow. Study cosy. Return.

Warmth and comfort is a subjective thing, but we know that some areas of the library can feel cooler if you’ve been sat studying for a while, particularly at night when library occupancy is lower.

Don’t be chilly, be cosy! Kimberlin Library now has a supply of blankets which can be picked up from Reception, used while you’re studying then returned on your way out. All we ask is that you pop them back rolled up!



“Pop-up-library” additional study spaces and opening

“Pop-up-library” additional study spaces and opening

pop-up library

More ‘pop-up’ 24/7 silent study spaces in Kimberlin Library, longer ‘pop-up’ opening hours in Eric Wood Learning Zone

With the end of the teaching calendar in sight, exams looming after Easter and dissertation deadlines, we know that this is a busy time for everyone. It’s great news that IT labs in Gateway House, Vijay Patel and Queens Buildings are open until midnight and at weekends, but we’re also ensuring that more spaces are available to you 24/7 at this critical time.

  • In Kimberlin Library, Lecture Theatre 00:11 on the Lower Ground Floor is a Silent Study room from the beginning of March through until the end of May. You can study in a talk-free environment with a PCs or spread out on a desk.

  • Eric Wood Learning Zone is open 24 hours until the end of Spring term to give you more space and time to complete your work before the end of term.

  • During April and May, the Kimberlin Learning Development Zone will be operating as a Quiet Revision Room