Library Access browser extension

Have you ever been looking for journal articles while researching for an assignment, found the ideal article and then been blocked by the hefty charge that the website is asking before you can view the article? That can be frustrating, but it is even worse when you discover that you could have viewed the article for free all along.

DMU Library has subscriptions covering hundreds of journals where the article is available, just not from the publisher’s own website. You can find these articles through Library Search if you are starting from the Library website, but not everybody does start there.

Library Access from Lean Library ( is a browser extension that helps to overcome this problem. It requires that you login as a member of DMU, using your Single Sign On details. Then the extension helpfully pops up whenever it finds articles where the content is available elsewhere. Both subscriptions and open access resources are covered, making it easier to discover the articles you need for your research.

There is a video that explains how this all works.