First Floor – what’s going on?

First Floor – what’s going on?


“What’s going on?”

Users of Kimberlin Library can’t fail to have noticed that LLS staff have been beavering away moving books. A LOT of books. ALL of them in fact.

Following an extensive stock review and ‘refresh’ exercise during the summer months, we have moved every single book in Kimberlin Library. That’s over a quarter of a million books.

But why?

We’re making space: space that we will be using to create additional study spaces for you. We’re currently working with the university’s Estates and Procurement departments on a project that will come to fruition early in the Spring term.

We’ll keep you posted here as these plans start to develop so that you can see what’s in the pipeline. In the meantime, we’ve finished book moving today (24th November 2017) and we’re in the process of removing redundant shelving. As these clear away, you’ll get a good sense of the space that we’re releasing for new study seats.

2018 is going to give you lots more reasons to #LoveDMU

Dismantling of redundant shelving has begun
The freed up areas are spread across the First Floor