An afternoon of #DMUShelfies: Promoting our leisure reading collection

DMU Staff & Students enjoying our leisure reading collection with a #DMUshelfie

We have had a great time talking to our DMU students about reading for pleasure and well-being, showing them our collection of leisure reading books, extolling the virtues of the wide range of genres: adventure, fantasy, murder mystery, thriller, romance and modern fiction written by authors from around the globe (Kimberlin Colour Full reads).  We enjoyed some great conversations with them about what they liked to read, if they had any favourite authors and if they found time to read during their studies.

One student recommended leisure reading linked to your programme of study, as a politics student she loves to read political thrillers and biographies of iconic contemporary political figures. Others recommended fantasy fiction, thrillers, horror, “chick lit” and classic texts.  The most popular recommendation (3 votes) was A street cat named BOB by James Bowen.

Thank you all for dropping by and sharing your reading stories and an extra special thanks to all of the #DMUshelfie sharers. We hope you enjoy our Kimberlin Leisure reading collection (Kimberlin Colour Full reads) and why not take a #DMUshelfie of your own. Happy reading!

Refuel, refresh and de-stress

Refuel, refresh and de-stress

Staying healthy and well at busy, stressful times is important. Your library is here to help you cope with final assignment and exam revision season.

Refuel and keep up your energy levels while studying. The Library Night Trolley provides free fruit and drinks to your desk. Catch the night trolley 9pm to late, Sundays to Thursday until late May.

The Library Café is open until 9pm and vending machines are available 24/7 with healthy options such as water, juice, cereal bars and nuts.

We are (of course!) aware of the power of a good book in aiding relaxation and reducing stress. Why not take a break and check out the leisure reading collection on the ground floor of the Kimberlin. The collection includes fiction titles across a mix of genres, classics, sci-fi, thrillers etc, with all books available for loan. Or, curl up on the comfy seating nearby with your chosen book.

De-stress with DSU. The library and your student union are offering a range of creative activities to help you unwind. Come along on Wednesdays 9th and 16th May between 5pm and 6pm. Second Floor of the Kimberlin Library, in room 2.04.

The DMU Chaplaincy has a “Breathing Space” open to students and staff of all religions and none where you can take a moment to pause and reflect in peace and quiet. The Breathing Space in Portland Building also hosts mindfulness sessions on Tuesdays at 11.30 for 40 minutes. Students can book via MyGateway.

Here are our top tips for looking after yourself
• Take regular short breaks from your studies and schedule in some downtime
• Eat well. Start your day with breakfast and avoid skipping meals.
• Don’t overdo the caffeine. Consider swapping sugary drinks for water or a diluted juice
• Make sure you get enough sleep and try to get some exercise and/or fresh air. Walk around the Campus or by the river. You never know what you might see: cormorants and otters are known to live by the River Soar!
• Avoid comparing with your mates. Everyone studies in different ways, so focus on what’s right for you. And steer clear of those exam ‘post-mortems’.
• Remember, you are not on your own. Ask for help and advice; talk to friends, family and DMU staff. The library staff are used to handling all types of query – no question is too trivial or “stupid”
• Stay calm and be positive – you can do it!

Refreshing announcements from the VC

Refreshing announcements from the VC

We applaud weekend announcements from the Vice Chancellor, Dominic Shellard, about initiatives to reduce plastic use on campus through the introduction of re-usable cups and a network of water stations on campus.

We know how much you value our hot tap and drinking fountains in Kimberlin Library and we’re looking forward to supporting these initiatives in LLS spaces, adding to our existing provision.


You’ll find water fountains on the first and second floors of Kimberlin Library by the lift and on the Lower Ground Floor in the vestibule area. On the Ground Floor in the cafe area you’ll find our hugely popular hot water tap and bottle filling station, pictured below.