Our Customer Service Excellence gets Plus awards

Our Customer Service Excellence gets Plus awards


March 8th saw LLS’ annual Customer Service Excellence assessment visit. We are delighted to share that not only do we continue to meet the Customer Service Excellence Standard, we have retained our Compliance Plus award and been awarded five additional Compliance Pluses for our development in the following areas:

  • Our customer insight, in particular:

    • The work on #futurelibrary to identify what library users would like from their future library, which is helping us to develop plans for either a refurbished or new library.

    • Our insight in relation to customers with disabilities and additional study needs.

    • Our effective use of Customer Journey Mapping to improve the customer experience.

  • The culture of the organization, in particular:

    • Our Director leading by example, engaging regularly with students in both formal and informal settings.

    • Our Director engaging with managers and front line staff helping to further develop and embed the customer focused culture across the department.

Library and Learning Services has held the Customer Service Excellence award since 2011. The standard has five areas of assessment with 57 criteria for assessment. LLS is fully compliant in all criteria in three of the five areas, due to the importance we place on learning what our customers need and developing services accordingly, our engagement with customers, the fact that we have embedded commitment to customer satisfaction across the department, the development of our service standards, and the measurement and sharing of those standards.

If you would like to know more about Customer Service Excellence please contact Amanda Holyoak via aholyoak@dmu.ac.uk. The CSE standard can be viewed here