Can you guess the most popular subject guides?

Subject guides are brilliant resources. They’re information hubs for each subject, with links to databases, e-journals, new books, useful websites, company information and more. Subject guides are created by your librarians to help you succeed in your studies. The guides are getting more popular every year. Read on to find out just how popular…


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From September 2017 to May 2018, the subject guides were viewed an amazing 188,565 times! That’s an average of 20,951 views per month! And it’s the equivalent of every enrolled DMU student accessing a subject guide at least 7 times a year.

So which subject guide has been viewed the most times this academic year?

In 3rd place is Law with 34,190 views. In 2nd place is Business with 35,217 views.

And the subject guide with the top number of views is…

Nursing and Midwifery with an incredible 40,449 views!

Here’s a breakdown of all the subject guide views, grouped into faculties. You can see that Health and Life Sciences has the most views, although it’s not too surprising as Nursing and Midwifery accounts for nearly half of these. It’s also to be expected that subject guides for courses with many students enrolled, such as those in Business and Law, will have more views than courses with smaller numbers.


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The busiest months for viewing the subject guides were October, November and March.

Not only are subject guides full of useful resources, they also link to other library guides, such as CLaSS, Referencing, and Disability Services. One of the most popular guides is Assistive Technology, which had 6099 views over the year – an average of 607 times a month. Other popular guides include Distance Learners, Maths Learning Centre and Library Search.

Find the subject guides here and the library services guides here.