Finding the PC (or Mac) you’re looking for

Across our four locations, in partnership with ITMS the Library provides over 800 PCs, Macs and laptops to support your learning. We’ve been working on a project with ITMS to give you a better view of the location and the current availability of machines. You can now see a display screen at the entrance to Kimberlin Library, Eric Wood Learning Zone and The Greenhouse giving live availability information.

The screen shows the location, type of machine (standard PC, Dual Boot. AutoCAD, Mac or Assistive), the number of free machines and the total machines in that area. The columns on the right show the number of “free” machines by type in that space. If availability is becoming short, the text will turn red

PC availability is currently only available via these fixed screens, but an online link and display of this information via myDMU is on our wishlist with ITMS.

Here’s where you’ll find our “special” PCs and Macs:


Locations Building Room Number Notes
CAD PCs Kimberlin 1.04 10 Near lift/trolley parking area
Kimberlin 2.14 10 Book area between pillars
Kimberlin 2.01 15 The Deck – located on the ends of each PC run nearest the window
EWLZ n/a 2 Rear of EWLZ
Dual Boot Kimberlin 1.04 13 Centre of floor by wooden stairs
Assistive Kimberlin 1.01 1
Kimberlin LGF 13
EWLZ n/a 3
Greenhouse 0.04 1
Macs Kimberlin 0.10 12 KL Learning Zone
Kimberlin 1.01 15 Main IT  area
EWLZ n/a 12

360 view and map tour of Kimberlin experiments

Some “work in progress”. We’re experimenting with 360 degree photography and ultimately hope to provide 360 virtual tours of LLS spaces. Here are a few of our initial experiments which you’ll find on our Google listing, Google Maps and in some cases Google Streetview. Let us know what you think and what maps or tours we ought to feature?

Kimberlin Library, the Library Lawn and Eric Wood Learning Zone

Use your cursor to change your field of view, or follow the navigation arrows up the steps and into the Library to see inside Reception




Internal view of The Deck



External links:

Visit our Google Maps listing (takes you to external site)

Streetview (soon to be ShowMyStreet) listings:

Inside Kimberlin Library