Tech’ top tips – #47. Taking shortcuts

This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT). The images in this post will expand when clicked.

Ctrl Windows AltWhen using the Windows PC’s around campus, a number of keyboard shortcuts are available to help make life easier when navigating around the systems.

Keyboard shortcuts can also help with accessibility of systems – here are a few you may know already and some you may not.

  • Ctrl + C – copy highlighted items
  • Ctrl + X – cut selected text
  • Ctrl + V – paste copied items
  • Ctrl + Z – undo
  • Ctrl + A – select all items on screen
  • Ctrl + E – centre selected items (e.g. text or images in Microsoft Word)


  • Windows + D – display the desktop (minimise all windows)
  • Windows + L – lock the PC
  • Windows + N – create a new Note in OneNote


  • PrintScreen – capture the entire screen
  • Ctrl+Alt+PrintScreen – capture only the active window
  • Alt + Tab – toggle through open windows

The above represents only a few handy keyboard shortcuts, use the comments field below to add your own useful keyboard shortcuts.