Tech’ top tips – #33. Office templates

This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT).

Saving a PowerPoint templateA tip I learnt recently is how to create templates in Microsoft Office to save setting up styles each time. I have known for a while how to edit the Normal template to ensure MS Word behaves just how I like it when opening a new document but using this technique we can create templates for all Office applications.

In this example, I’ll look at PowerPoint – yes there’s the Master slide view for ensuring consistency within a deck of slides but what if we’re delivering a series of presentations and want each one to be on point. Using a template we can ensure the formatting, fonts, placeholders etc. are the same every time.

Opening your PowerPoint templateOpen a new blank PowerPoint presentation and use the Slide Master view to get the themes and other elements just how you want them. Now, close the Side Master and click on File>Save As – in the drop down box select PowerPoint Template (*.potx). Notice that the save location automatically changes to your local Custom Templates folder. Click Save to save the template and the next time you open PowerPoint or click File>New you will be able to select your template. Here’s my view of File New in PowerPoint with a couple of templates I have available.

Thanks to Anna Richards for the inspiration for this tip!