Tech’ top tips – #32. Assessment round up

This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT). The images in this post will expand when clicked.

As its assessment season for undergraduate students, here’s a recap of a few assessment tips when using the learning technology at DMU. Full online help can be found by clicking the UserGuide link in Blackboard or dropping in to a CELT student drop-in session, Kimberlin Library Collaboratory, Wednesday lunchtime.

TurnItIn – it is really important that students obtain a digital receipt from TurnItIn. After you have uploaded your submission, please make sure you click the final Confirm button and this will ensure TurnItIn sends you an email with your digital receipt. If you do not receive this email please report this to your module leader or tutor. The TurnItIn Confirm button


A TurnItIn digital receipt notification

DMU Replay – when submitting multimedia files please make sure the file is rendered with an audio track, even if there is no audio. Also, as with TurnItIn, if you do not receive the email confirming that your upload has been processed please contact the module leader or tutor.
Online tests – unless told otherwise, please only use the installed version of the Internet Explorer web browser when taking online Blackboard tests in labs. If you need/are able to move back to previous questions please do not use the Back button in Internet Explorer, there are buttons within the test for navigating around if you need to. The Blackboard Test navigation buttons