Tech’ top tips – #29. Being mindful of impact – yours and theirs

This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT).

A cyber bullying survivorA slight departure from the usual tips this week but perhaps one of the most important in the series.

When we use technology, especially in spaces where we can communicate and interact with others, it is important that we think about the impact that our contributions may have on others and how we process content that we see online.

It is all too easy to become embroiled in online arguments, trolling and to become a victim of such online abuse and we must ensure that we at least know where to get help if this happens.

Using technology can make us feel as though we have a shield or some sort of invincibility due to the asynchronous and often anonymous nature of online discussions but technology can be a platform for bullies and their victims.

Often, we can be exposed to content that might affect us by accident. We have no control over what others may post or say and they have no control over our actions in online spaces – this means we can feel the negative effects without being the victim of targeted/malicious posts; and we might negatively affect others if we don’t think about our own actions and posts.

If you feel as though your wellbeing and mental health are affected by your online interactions (either directly or indirectly) please talk to a trusted friend or colleague or book a DMU SPA appointment. It is easy to become affected without realising it and regular breaks from social media along with developing an understanding of how we process and internalise information we see online can help us to equip ourselves with the resilience and courtesy required to cope with 24 hour access to online information and interactions.

Photo credit: HelliTuexenArt CC BY-ND 3.0