Society Digimap

DMU Library has set up trial access to a new online collection via its subscription to EDINA’s Digimap service. The new collection is called Society Digimap.

Society Digimap allows you to explore a range of demographic data, providing a wealth of census and socio-economic information for Great Britain. The processing required to visualise census and other demographic datasets can be a barrier to use for many people interested in the value of the datasets. By providing these datasets as layers to visualise along with high quality Ordnance Survey (OS) data, the rich information can offer valuable insights without the need to learn how to use a GIS.

Today, the mapping facility, Society Roam is available. A full data download application is under development, which will offer the ability to download both the census data and the corresponding boundaries together.

Access to Society Digimap is available until 31st July 2019.

Trial access to Society Digimap is available until 31st July 2019.

Society Digimap can be accessed via the following access URL You will be asked to verify access using your DMU Single Sign On account and then accept terms and conditions on the Digimap platform.

DMU Library provides subscription access to the following Digimap collections: Ordnance Survey (OS), Aerial and Lidar.

DMU Library provides trial access to the Global and Society Digimap collections. Coverage to these two collections will end on 31st July 2019.