LLS Service Standards

Library and Learning Services are committed to providing a high quality customer service. To help us achieve this, we have standards in key areas of service provision which can be found here: https://libguides.library.dmu.ac.uk/feedback/standards

At the end of each academic year we review our service delivery against these standards and compare them to the previous year’s performance and against the performance of other university library services. We have now completed our review of the standards for 2017-18 and the full results are available here: https://libguides.library.dmu.ac.uk/ld.php?content_id=32158467

We use this data to enable us to look at areas that we feel need improvement in order to better meet the needs of our customers. Whilst the data for the Service Standards for 2017 -18 show that we have met most of our Service Standards, exceeded the target in some areas, with improvement from last year in some areas e.g. inter-library loans and responding to feedback. There are two areas where there is a difference between the target and the actual result, specifically standards 4 and 8.

As a result we have taken the following action:

Standard 4: The 20 days target continues to be challenging for most of the year. However, we have introduced shelf ready books which is expected to significantly improve the acquisition time as less staff time will be required once the items have arrived in the Library.

Standard 8: Whilst we have improved our response rate to feedback from 49% to 66% within 10 days, and increased the average (mean) response time to feedback we are still some way from our 100% target. We have therefore made some changes to the way in which feedback is responded to which we expect to improve the response time significantly.

Your feedback plays an important part in our performance measurement: if you have comments on these standards or our service performance, please let us know via our feedback page on our website.

Amanda Holyoak
Academic Team Manager (Service Development and Delivery)