Some top tips for beating digital distraction

Did you take part in the university’s Digital Detox a few weeks back? Did you enjoy it? Did you find that you felt better for using social media less or were more productive?

Social media icons in a circle with the word Help written in the middle

Regardless of whether or not you took part many of us feel ‘addicted’ to our phones or social media sites and feel that we are less productive than we were before. If this is you then you may find these tips and ideas for improving productivity or limiting social media use helpful:

  • Scare yourself with how often you check your phone! The Checky Phone Habit Checker ( will tell you how often you check your phone in a day and the idea is that this new awareness will allow you to change your habits (if you wish).
  • If you find yourself following links from one blog post to another and suddenly finding there’s no time to finish your assignment try using Pocket or These allow you to easily save content from websites, apps etc. into one space so you can read it later.
  • Block distracting websites – The Forest App encourages you to focus and not be distracted by ‘blacklisted’ websites (you choose these) by growing a tree that will die if you visited a banned website. It takes 30 minutes to grow a tree, can you do it?
  • There are some productivitytechniques that you might find helpful, such as Eat that frog! or the Pomodoro technique


These are just a few ideas that you might find useful to help you beat digital distraction and become more productive!