New to Library Search – Citation Trails

A brand new feature has been added to our Library Search service for February 2019.

Citation Trails allow you to explore a topic and collect material by following a chain of articles that cite each other. This new search feature enhances serendipitous discovery and will hopefully help you to better understand the academic context of your sources.

Citation trails work in two directions:

  • Cites – Articles that this article cites.
  • Cited by – Articles that cite this article.

Citation trails can be found by clicking on the Cites or Cited by links that appear below individual Library Search item records:

Citation trails can be accessed via Library Search item records.

Selecting a citation link in the item record opens up a page that lists the records that match the type of citation your have selected: Cites or Cited by. The following example below lists the articles that “The genetic theory of adaptation: a brief history” record cites:

Citation trails list potentially useful reading material linked to your original search term.

As you connect to other item records’ citations, you can view the trail by clicking on the View your citation path link. A pop-up box showing the number of citations in the current trail appears next to the link:

Previous linked citations can be viewed by selecting “View your citation path”.

From the citation path, you can return to a previous citation in the trail by selecting its individual record. To display your original search results, select the Search tab.

We hope that this additional citation tool will be useful when searching for academic content and enhance your experience of our online Library Search service.