New updated Library website pages!

Updated Library website pagesThe new updated library website pages are complete, and we are pleased to say that the website is ready for you to use and familarise yourself with.

There are a few tweaks that we are still working on which will be complete very soon.

Both the current library website and these new updated pages will be running in parallel at this point to give you the opportunity to become familiar with the new layout and structure.

We plan to switch over to the updated library web pages in summer 2019 with these pages becoming the default library web pages. You may notice that some links from the current library website take you to the new updated library website pages, due to the original format moved to the new format.

We hope to provide a series of short videos and blog posts giving you overviews of each section in the updated library website to help you navigate your way through the new structure. We hope you spend time using the new updated library website and would like to hear any feedback you may have. Were grateful for the contribution and support of our library colleagues and the feedback you have provided to make this happen!

Library Website project team

One thought on “New updated Library website pages!

  • February 4, 2019 at 4:04 pm

    this update is really good- I find it really accessible and easy to use. 10/10.

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