Tech’ top tips – #17. Student uploads in DMU Replay

This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT).

Where required, students may be asked to record and submit audio or video as part of their assessed activities. The platform provided for this practise is DMU Replay and there is lots of help provided for students in the UserGuide section of Blackboard.

Viewing the Assignment folder in DMU ReplayIf students are required to record or upload into DMU Replay this will be noted as part of the module handbook and/or assessment brief and steps will have been taken to provide an ‘Assignment’ folder in DMU Replay.


Students can then either record direct into the Assignment folder using the DMU Replay software or the iOS app’. Alternatively, students can upload existing video or audio into DMU Replay from a web browser or the Android app’.


Uploading into DMU ReplayRecordings in the Assignment folder cannot be seen by other students and therefore individual work remains private while being accessible to the teaching staff on the module. The only technical restriction relates to resolution as DMU Replay can currently only handle a maximum resolution of 1080p (full HD).