New Look! Library website pages – what do you think?

Weve been beavering away at updating our Library website pages and whilst were almost there, we would like to at this stage get your feedback on what you think. We would like to get your thoughts on the usability of the updated library web pages. Briefly – website usability refers to how easy and efficient a website is to use and how you can find what your looking for. It’s important for us to know that our updated pages work for you!

We want to reach out to many of you as possible, you’re welcome to come to a drop-in the library, navigate through the web pages, chat with us and leave your thoughts and for your time we will send you based on your choice either a voucher or print credits. Were offering three drop-ins in KL0.07b – Tuesday 4th December 1pm-3pm, Thursday 6th December 1pm-3pm and Tuesday 11th December 10am-12pm. Could you please register and book your interest if you would like to come along. (We need this so we know that we have enough computers!). Note you don’t need to be there for the full 2 hours, but 20-25 mins should be about right!

Book me on Tuesday 4th December 1pm-3pm
Book me on Thursday 6th December 1pm-3pm
Book me on Tuesday 11th December 10am-12pm

If you can’t make the drop-ins then please would you mind filling in this short anonymous survey. We would advise that you spend some time familiarising with the updated web pages before taking the survey – see the link below.The survey should take you about 10 minutes to complete, your responses will be anonymous.

LIBRARY LINK – Library updated web pages – remember that not everything is finalised yet, but the core content, layout and structure is there.


Your time and thoughts are appreciated!