LLS share innovative pedagogies: reflections on “Creative approaches to teaching and learning”, DMU Learning and Teaching Conference 12/9/18


At the DMU Teaching and Learning Conference, 12/09/18 Librarians from Academic Liaison (Anna Richards, Kaye Towlson, Carol Keddie, Adele Creak) and Julia Reeve (CELT, Library) demonstrated an array of creative pedagogies currently utilised in Library teaching and the wider curriculum. Techniques included the card game “Sources” (Walsh 2013) which enables students to explore different formats and uses of information. The use of Lego as a visual metaphor to illustrate and aid understanding of the need to reference (know where your building blocks come from). These techniques are rooted within information and digital literacy teaching. The visual and tactile methods developed in our Writing PAD Centre at DMU (http://writingpad.our.dmu.ac.uk/ ): image –enriched mind maps, the dress up doll of themes and key terms, swollage (swot analysis by collage), reframing research, serious Lego play and visual mapping are utilised in assignment/dissertation research and planning workshops. The use and benefits of mind mapping software was also demonstrated.

Feedback from this session declared those attending to be “inspired” and “revved up for teaching”. They found the session to be “motivational” and noted intentions to “embed in my teaching”. People took away new, innovative and inclusive pedagogic techniques to enhance student learning and experience here at DMU.

Delivered in a speed dating format, this was a very popular but oversubscribed session leading to a crowded classroom. Thinking on our feet, an adjacent classroom was used to showcase half of the technique talks, slightly impeding the smooth flow of speed dating traffic. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with some mention of the teaching environment.

Our takeaways from this session are the popularity of and enthusiasm with which pedagogic innovation and creativity is received by DMU academics. The importance of hands on experience; this is the usual mode of delivery for Writing PAD techniques but not always possible for some sessions. Despite practical, unanticipated classroom issues on the day this session was well received and raised the profile of Library and Learning Services as a centre for innovative learning.



SWOT analysis collage
dress up doll of themes and keywords












WALSH, Andrew (2013) Sources [Online]. Available from http://eprints.hud.ac.uk/id/eprint/16230/ [Accessed 23/10/18]