Tech’ top tips – #8. Getting the most from DMU Replay

This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology.

When watching DMU Replay recordings there are a number of functions that can enhance and add to the recording. For example; the recordings are searchable, we can click around and jump to the most relevant section, and we can add our own notes and bookmarks to recordings as we watch them for re-visiting later.

Also, some colleagues may choose to add a quiz to the DMU Replay recording for students to interact with part way through a recording.

The DMU Replay viewer

Search. Use the search bar at the top left to search for key words. The results will include instances of the word that appeared on screen and where the word was said by the member of teaching staff.

Contents. Use the links in the left hand panel or the thumbnails along the bottom to jump around the recording.

Notes enables you to add electronic notes to the recording that only you can see. These notes will be saved and appear each time you re-visit the recording.

Bookmarks provides the opportunity for you to electronically bookmark a recording for revisiting later. All of your bookmarks on all of your recordings can be viewed in one place at

Taking part in a DMU Replay quiz

If a quiz has been added to the recording it is likely to be a multiple choice type quiz. There may be restrictions regarding how many times you can try the quiz and whether you will be able to continue with the recording if you do not answer the quiz question(s). The teaching staff on the module will talk to you about how the quiz will work and their expectations.

A DMU Replay quiz linkLinks to quizzes appear in the left hand side and look like this. They will also appear automatically as the recording plays.