Tech’ top tips – #7. DMU Replay, where are the recordings?

This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology.

DMU policy stipulates that all ‘staff led activity’ should be recorded using DMU Replay or an equitable alternative to recording be provided. But where do students find these recordings and/or equitable alternatives to help them revise, review and revisit?

The answer is – in Blackboard!

Each module shell will have a Learning Materials area and links to DMU Replay content can be found within.

A DMU Replay linkRecordings that were made using the DMU Replay system will look like the picture opposite. To view the recordings, click the bold text and the recording will play in the web browser.

On the occasion that an Equitable Alternative has been used links may look different. For example, it may be a link to a publically available web video or a PowerPoint file that contains timed audio narrations in sync’ with the slide content. Either way, this type of multimedia content will be housed in the Learning Materials area and this all contributes to providing the DMU Replay service for students.