Tech’ top tips – #6. Get connected… stay connected

This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology.

DMU uses eduroam to provide wireless internet access for colleagues and students. The system can be accessed anywhere on campus and at other institutions that subscribe to eduroam.

The Eduroam logoOnce connected, your device should remember your details and automatically connect to eduroam whenever on campus or where eduroam may be available.

To connect, you will need your eduroam username (or identity); this is a mash up of your email address and your username as follows:

  • For students, if the pnumber is p1234567 the eduroam identity is
  • For colleagues, use your usual login such as jdoe00 to create

Your eduroam password is your normal systems password. If you have changed this from the default you will need your new password when connecting to eduroam.