Tech’ top tips – #2. HELP! is at hand

Number two in the series of tech’ top tips draws your attention to the StaffGuide and UserGuide links in Blackboard.

For colleagues, the StaffGuide link will take you to the CELT Hub where you can read about all the important things you need to do in Blackboard as well as how to create content and collaborative tools. Use this information in conjunction with the Blackboard Module Shell policy to ensure your shell is accessible and consistent with other shells that your students will engage with.

Blackboard Staff and User Guide linksFor students, the UserGuide link will take you to the student help pages where you can get help with using the following technologies:

  • Blackboard;
  • DMU Replay;
  • TurnItIn;
  • Social Media tools;
  • Blackboard Collaborate; and
  • The DMU Commons.


Also on this page you will see links to information about DMU’s Universal Design for Learning implementation and a link to ‘current issues’. The current issues link will tell you about any known bugs or issues that exist with the current installed version of Blackboard; for example, any browser issues that may require a specific web browser to overcome.


This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology.