Migration of MyiLibrary e-books to ProQuest Ebook Central

E-books currently hosted on the MyiLibrary platform will be migrating to the ProQuest Ebook Central site on Wednesday 25th April 2018. Once this migration of online book content is completed, ProQuest will be retiring the MyiLibrary service.
Students and staff will see many improvements with this content migration, including:
A citation tool that quickly cites books and articles in the most popular formats
Highlighting in three different colours
Page bookmarking
The ability to create notes tied to a specific passage or an entire page
A bookshelf that lets you easily create and organise your e-book collection
Reminders of which e-books are downloaded or on loan, and how many days you have left to use them
Access to your e-books through the Bluefire Reader app

MyiLibrary e-books purchased by DMU Library are already accessible via ProQuest Ebook Central platform. Existing MyiLibrary access points will automatically redirect to the ProQuest Ebook Central site once the migration is completed.
DMU students and staff who have created MyiLibrary user accounts and bookshelves will not be able to access these services once the migration has taken place. MyiLibrary user accounts and bookshelves are not being transferred across to ProQuest Ebook Central. Students and staff who have created MyiLibrary bookshelves will have to make a list of the books saved in their MyiLibrary account before the migration date and create a new ProQuest Ebook Central user account/bookshelf going forward.
Students and staff who used the “bookmarking” or “highlighting” features on the MyiLibrary site can preserve notes made from e-books that they have read online (but not from books they have downloaded). You can discover how to preserve these MyiLibrary e-book notes by consulting the support guide available on the DMU Library E-books LibGuide.