Fine or not fine? Positive changes to library fines policy


Good news! From 1st February 2018, we’re changing our fines policies on ‘normal’ loans. If you renew or return a Normal loan book, DVD or CD that is overdue and NOT reserved by someone else, we will no longer be charging penalty fines. Fines will only be charged on items that are in demand and reserved by others, or short/special category loans.


Fines will still be charged for:

  • Items that have been reserved by other users (we’d like these back promptly please so that we can pass them on to others)
  • Laptops and Short Loan items (which are high demand items)
  • Inter Library Loans from other libraries (because we are charged penalty fees if they are not returned on time)
  • Replacement costs will be charged for items which become seriously overdue, so please continue keep your loans in date
  • Historical charges for transactions up until 31st January 2018


We’ll be introducing further improvements to our lending policies this summer, including automatic renewals for material not required by other users. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback on these improvements via our usual channels

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