New and improved hot and cold water station in Kimberlin Library

Sometimes it’s little things that make a huge difference, and so it was when we introduced our boiling/cold water Zip tap in September 2016.

From your feedback and its level of use we know that providing instant boiling water was a very popular enhancement to services in Kimberlin and a reason to #LoveDMU.

Unfortunately, the Zip tap in its original format created issues  – it wasn’t tall enough for larger cold water containers and the soak away beneath it was not suitable for draining cups. The result of this was a lot of excess water and damage to the counter top from water ingress.

We’re delighted to unveil a ‘new and improved’ hot tap station that features better drainage for the Zip tap and a brand new sink and cold water dispenser for bottles.

We hope you like the improvements – do send us your thoughts and feedback. It’s your feedback that drives innovations and helps us build cases for investment.

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