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To make space for more study seating on the First Floor in 2018, we've moved more books to the Second Floor

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Cambridge Companions to Literature

Tweet Over the past year, the online database Literature Online (LION) from ProQuest has added more than 300 full text volumes of encyclopedias, dictionaries and companions to contextualise LION’s primary works and their authors.     DMU students and staff can access the Literature Online (LION) online database via the following access link Students and staff will be asked to log into the resource by using their DMU ... read more

Tech’ top tips – #10. Imagine a world of IT training at your fingertips

Tweet This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT). All DMU colleagues and students are eligible to complete IT Training with the Microsoft Imagine Academy. Whether it be brushing up on your word processing skills to learning about servers, databases and networking; the Microsoft Imagine Academy offers around 1,300 courses that are available in a number of languages. Students and colleagues can enrol on up to three Microsoft courses simultaneously, further details and the full catalogue can be viewed here ... read more

Tech’ top tips – #9. TurnItIn – the receipt is key

Tweet This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT). When submitting coursework to TurnItIn it is imperative that the digital receipt is obtained before closing the web browser. It can appear that submissions are complete once the file has been uploaded but there is a ‘Confirm’ button that finalises the submission and generates the digital receipt. The digital receipt will be displayed on screen and emailed to the student DMU email address – if the digital receipt is not delivered once the submission is confirmed ... read more

LLS share innovative pedagogies: reflections on “Creative approaches to teaching and learning”, DMU Learning and Teaching Conference 12/9/18

Tweet   At the DMU Teaching and Learning Conference, 12/09/18 Librarians from Academic Liaison (Anna Richards, Kaye Towlson, Carol Keddie, Adele Creak) and Julia Reeve (CELT, Library) demonstrated an array of creative pedagogies currently utilised in Library teaching and the wider curriculum. Techniques included the card game “Sources” (Walsh 2013) which enables students to explore different formats and uses of information. The use of Lego as a visual metaphor to illustrate and aid understanding of the need to reference (know where your building blocks ... read more

Tech’ top tips – #8. Getting the most from DMU Replay

Tweet This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology. When watching DMU Replay recordings there are a number of functions that can enhance and add to the recording. For example; the recordings are searchable, we can click around and jump to the most relevant section, and we can add our own notes and bookmarks to recordings as we watch them for re-visiting later. Also, some colleagues may choose to add a quiz to the DMU Replay recording for students to interact with part way through a recording. Search. Use the search bar ... read more