LLS share innovative pedagogies: reflections on “Creative approaches to teaching and learning”, DMU Learning and Teaching Conference 12/9/18

Tweet   At the DMU Teaching and Learning Conference, 12/09/18 Librarians from Academic Liaison (Anna Richards, Kaye Towlson, Carol Keddie, Adele Creak) and Julia Reeve (CELT, Library) demonstrated an array of creative pedagogies currently utilised in Library teaching and the wider curriculum. Techniques included the card game “Sources” (Walsh 2013) which enables students to explore different formats and uses of information. The use of Lego as a visual metaphor to illustrate and aid understanding of the need to reference (know where your building blocks ... read more

‘Fake News’, ‘Filter bubbles’- what’s it all about?

Tweet ‘Fake News’ – now many of us may have heard about this in the media, and it’s an important area not only when evaluating, researching and filtering the mass amount of information/news online but also if we share it too (e.g. social media – re post or re tweeting the news).  This online news can be global, national, local and even in your ‘personal circle’ and interests.  As information consumers we also are curators and how such information/news develops can have an impact in many respects especially if ... read more

How far can you travel with Kimberlin books?

Tweet A celebration of World Book night as part of the DMU Festival of Teaching and Learning 2018 On Wednesday 25th April, 2018 Library and Learning Services staff offered DMU and the local community the opportunity to explore and engage with different worlds through a display of books from other times, other places and other worlds. Attendees soon found themselves engrossed in the wide range of books on offer demonstrating the power of books to transport individuals to other worlds, to gain insight into other lives lived, real and imagined. Those ... read more

The Mentors Guide to …Managing Pressure

Tweet CLaSS Lecturer Beverley Hancock-Smith provides and overview of this session as well as future developments related to this topic.   Twenty staff mentors and students took part in our inaugural “The Mentors’ Guide to….” Session on Tuesday 10th April 2018. With overwhelmingly positive feedback from both staff and students, the session will now become a regular feature in our Library and Learning Services (LLS) Open Programme Workshops. The session With exam season upon us and final assessment dates looming, the summer term can be a ... read more

Find your space for success

Tweet We know how busy it gets in library spaces at this time of year when everyone is working on final assignments and revising for exams. We’ve extra measures in place to support you, and with some thought and planning we can help you find the study space you need: Kimberlin Library is 24/7 and visitor access is presently suspended so that DMU students, staff and registered members have priority in finding study space. With support from Estates, we have additional cleaning staff working overnight and at weekends to keep the Library looking shipshape. ... read more