Some top tips for beating digital distraction

Tweet Did you take part in the university’s Digital Detox a few weeks back? Did you enjoy it? Did you find that you felt better for using social media less or were more productive? Regardless of whether or not you took part many of us feel ‘addicted’ to our phones or social media sites and feel that we are less productive than we were before. If this is you then you may find these tips and ideas for improving productivity or limiting social media use helpful: Scare yourself with how often you check your phone! The Checky Phone Habit Checker ... read more

An afternoon of #DMUShelfies: Promoting our leisure reading collection

Tweet We have had a great time talking to our DMU students about reading for pleasure and well-being, showing them our collection of leisure reading books, extolling the virtues of the wide range of genres: adventure, fantasy, murder mystery, thriller, romance and modern fiction written by authors from around the globe (Kimberlin Colour Full reads).  We enjoyed some great conversations with them about what they liked to read, if they had any favourite authors and if they found time to read during their studies. One student recommended leisure reading ... read more

Refuel, refresh and de-stress

Tweet Staying healthy and well at busy, stressful times is important. Your library is here to help you cope with final assignment and exam revision season. Refuel and keep up your energy levels while studying. The Library Night Trolley provides free fruit and drinks to your desk. Catch the night trolley 9pm to late, Sundays to Thursday until late May. The Library Café is open until 9pm and vending machines are available 24/7 with healthy options such as water, juice, cereal bars and nuts. We are (of course!) aware of the power of a good book in aiding ... read more