Tech’ top tips – #5. Students – catch up on your IT induction

Tweet This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology.   If you didn’t manage to get to an IT induction session last week, you can watch the presentation and download the materials here https://libguides.library.dmu.ac.uk/c.php?g=654033 The student IT induction includes information on the following topics: How to access DMU’s online services;   How to change your password;   Expectations regarding the use of learning technology such as Blackboard, DMU Replay, TurnItIn; and   Where to get ... read more

Tech’ top tips – #4. So what’s Blackboard for then?

Tweet This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology. Blackboard is DMU’s Virtual Learning Environment and every module should have an area or ‘shell’ that students can use to engage with their studies online. There is a Blackboard module shell policy and as a minimum students can expect to see the following sections within each shell.     Announcements is where any important announcements about the module will appear. All announcements will also be delivered to students via email to their ... read more

Tech’ top tips – #3. Shortcuts to success

Tweet This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology. When using the Windows PC’s around campus, a number of keyboard shortcuts are available to help make life easier when navigating around the systems. Keyboard shortcuts can also help with accessibility of systems – here are a few you may know already and some you may not. Ctrl + C – copy highlighted items Ctrl + X – cut selected text Ctrl + V – paste copied items Ctrl + Z – undo Ctrl + A – select all items on screen Ctrl + E – centre selected items (e.g. text or ... read more

Tech’ top tips – #2. HELP! is at hand

Tweet Number two in the series of tech’ top tips draws your attention to the StaffGuide and UserGuide links in Blackboard. For colleagues, the StaffGuide link will take you to the CELT Hub where you can read about all the important things you need to do in Blackboard as well as how to create content and collaborative tools. Use this information in conjunction with the Blackboard Module Shell policy to ensure your shell is accessible and consistent with other shells that your students will engage with. For students, the UserGuide link will take ... read more

Tech’ top tips – #1. The Continue page

Tweet Hello and welcome to the new tech’ top tips series. This is the first in a weekly series of blog posts for students and staff members relating to technology. This week, have you noticed the Continue page when logging in to Blackboard? If not, it’s worth pausing on this page as it provides a wealth of information and links to important tools.     Along with the permanent link to Out Of Hours support information, other important information will appear here as and when appropriate.   This might include details of planned ... read more