Author: Sukhtinder

CELT student workshop – Find out about iDEA – Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award

Tweet Do you know about this iDEA? This session will give you an introduction to iDEA – the Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. This free online recognised award allows you to develop a range of digital skills which can assist you with your studies, employability and beyond university. Come along to an  introductory workshop to find out how to get started and find out more. Just book here onto a CELT workshop   read more

CELT student workshop – Find out about electronic submission of your assignments in Turnitin

Tweet So what is Turnitin? How does it work? Your lecturers will ask you to submit your assignments in Turnitin in your Blackboard module.  Online help on how to submit in Turnitin is provided in the ‘User Guide’ tab in Blackboard. Come along to a workshop to understand how Turnitin works, how your assignment is checked against resources – what kinds of matches can be found and how to interpret the similarity report that Turnitin produces. Also how does this link to assignment writing and further support in the library. Find out more ... read more

‘Fake News’, ‘Filter bubbles’- what’s it all about?

Tweet ‘Fake News’ – now many of us may have heard about this in the media, and it’s an important area not only when evaluating, researching and filtering the mass amount of information/news online but also if we share it too (e.g. social media – re post or re tweeting the news).  This online news can be global, national, local and even in your ‘personal circle’ and interests.  As information consumers we also are curators and how such information/news develops can have an impact in many respects especially if ... read more

Library Website Evaluation – Have your say!

Library website evaulation
Tweet Were currently evaluating our Library website for usability. Briefly – website usability refers to how easy and efficient a website is to use and how you can find what your looking for. It’s important for us to assess whether our current library website usability supports your search for resources (e.g. books, information) and further support in your course of study. Leave your feedback in this short online survey.   read more
Tweet Books are a uniquely portable magic (Stephen King)