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Monday 4/3/19 Leisure reading for all: Gems of the Kimberlin

Tweet As part of the DMU Festival of Teaching events students, staff and members of the public were invited to come and explore the wealth of reading available through Kimberlin Library. Refreshments were offered and the chance to chat about books, share thoughts favourite reads. Kaye Towlson and Carol Keddie staffed the event and Ann Collick created the display with books selected by herself, Carol Keddie, Gareth Glover, Chris Peach, Cress Burston and Dips Patel. Students attending commented that they had never thought of the library as a place to ... read more

Liberate your skills with #DMUWritingpad Swollage

Tweet #DMUwritingpad DMU Faculty placement officers enjoyed the opportunity to explore their skills, attributes and aspirations using the #DMUwritingpad technique Swollage. This creative visual technique allows people to approach a topic or area for reflection through the free association collage.  This mode of “SWOT” analysis uses visual materials and metaphor to enable the identification of personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is something placement students are encouraged to do both prior, during after a placement. ... read more

LLS Service Standards

Tweet Library and Learning Services are committed to providing a high quality customer service. To help us achieve this, we have standards in key areas of service provision which can be found here: At the end of each academic year we review our service delivery against these standards and compare them to the previous year’s performance and against the performance of other university library services. We have now completed our review of the standards for 2017-18 and the full results are available ... read more

An afternoon of #DMUShelfies: Promoting our leisure reading collection

Tweet We have had a great time talking to our DMU students about reading for pleasure and well-being, showing them our collection of leisure reading books, extolling the virtues of the wide range of genres: adventure, fantasy, murder mystery, thriller, romance and modern fiction written by authors from around the globe (Kimberlin Colour Full reads).  We enjoyed some great conversations with them about what they liked to read, if they had any favourite authors and if they found time to read during their studies. One student recommended leisure reading ... read more