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Secure charging stations - NEW for Kimberlin Library users

Charge your mobile device securely

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Fine or not fine? You'll like our fine policy changes from 1st Feb

Money saving changes in our new fines policies

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To make space for more study seating on the First Floor in 2018, we've moved more books to the Second Floor

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We've introduced more laptops for loan for 2018

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LLS Service Standards

Tweet Library and Learning Services are committed to providing a high quality customer service. To help us achieve this, we have standards in key areas of service provision which can be found here: At the end of each academic year we review our service delivery against these standards and compare them to the previous year’s performance and against the performance of other university library services. We have now completed our review of the standards for 2017-18 and the full results are available ... read more

Library Access browser extension

Tweet Have you ever been looking for journal articles while researching for an assignment, found the ideal article and then been blocked by the hefty charge that the website is asking before you can view the article? That can be frustrating, but it is even worse when you discover that you could have viewed the article for free all along. DMU Library has subscriptions covering hundreds of journals where the article is available, just not from the publisher’s own website. You can find these articles through Library Search if you are starting from ... read more

Some top tips for beating digital distraction

Tweet Did you take part in the university’s Digital Detox a few weeks back? Did you enjoy it? Did you find that you felt better for using social media less or were more productive? Regardless of whether or not you took part many of us feel ‘addicted’ to our phones or social media sites and feel that we are less productive than we were before. If this is you then you may find these tips and ideas for improving productivity or limiting social media use helpful: Scare yourself with how often you check your phone! The Checky Phone Habit Checker ... read more

Tech’ top tips – #21. Immersing yourself in Office 365

Tweet This tip is provided by the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT). When opening documents in Office 365, take advantage of the Immersive Reader tool. In this view, Office will read text to you, provide tools to make reading easier and display pictures that help with understanding. Immersive Reader also has functions that highlight different types of words. For example; we can tell Immersive Reader to highlight all nouns in a sentence or all adjectives. To use Immersive Reader in Word Online click on View followed by Immersive ... read more

New to Library Search – Citation Trails

Tweet A brand new feature has been added to our Library Search service for February 2019. Citation Trails allow you to explore a topic and collect material by following a chain of articles that cite each other. This new search feature enhances serendipitous discovery and will hopefully help you to better understand the academic context of your sources. Citation trails work in two directions: Cites – Articles that this article cites. Cited by – Articles that cite this article. Citation trails can be found by clicking on the Cites or Cited ... read more